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A Newborn Care Specialist primary role is to provide care for the newborn while new parents get the sleep and rest they need to recover and be able to care for their families. Newborn Care Specialists offer non-medical care and are not licensed. I am here to help educate the parents on techniques as needed, including bottle-feeding, swaddling, self-soothing and feeding recommendations. I am prepared to minimize the stress of the new family, and offers gentle and confident support for the mother and loving care for the baby. I have experience with newborn babies, including multiples. View more details

Try this unique Baby Swaddler for your colicky baby!

With it's unique patent-pending style, the Swaddler keeps babies warm and snuggled, cradled and cuddled just like they were in the womb.  This makes the Swaddler a wonderful shower or newborn gift!


  • washable cover and pillow
  • three different sizes available
  • uses ties instead of noisy Velcro
  • can be used as a bed instead of lugging around a large playpen
  • transfers easily from the stroller or your arms to bassinet/crib without waking the baby up
  • keeps baby in place; almost impossible for baby to kick out of (unlike a blanket swaddler)
  • excellent choice for a co-sleeper
  • good head and neck support when siblings are holding the baby
  • no need to fuss with extra blankets, even when going for a walk in the stroller
  • can help reduce colic symptoms by keeping baby firmly bundled

I started making these because my 10 children all used them and loved them. It gave me plenty of quiet moments and restful nights and I wanted to give every mother and father the chance to experience the same thing.




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Specializing in Newborn Care 
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